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Dr. Deepak Kumar Singh
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About Program

We are in the era where Machines have started taking over a lot of things in our day to day life. With
the experience of Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri the technology has taken a very different
dimensions in our life. In the world of digital and machine age, self-driving cars are to be
experienced by people at large very soon. The recommendations of Netflix on the movie you like,
Amazon creating a great shopping experience with its recommendation engine is possible only
through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. Every domain of computing such as
data analysis, software engineering, and artificial intelligence is going to be impacted by Machine
Learning. Therefore, every engineer, researcher, manager or scientist would be expected to know
Machine Learning.
TC Learning Academy offering one of the best and a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence & Machine
Learning course to the corporate participant, student and aspirant having prior knowledge of
Python. It is recommended to the participants to have a basic prior knowledge of Python to get the
best understanding on Machine Learning algorithms. The duration of the standard
course/curriculum is of 60 hours and can be customized as with the depth of coverage of modules
and topics as per the need.

Considering the cost effectiveness and real-life application-based curriculum, We are capable of
delivering one of the best Machine Learning training course in India for Analytics professional as a
part of our corporate training program (with working knowledge of Python) who are specifically
looking for an industry relevant Machine Learning certification.

Why TC Learning Academy
Over past three years we have been extensively involved in delivering training programs to some of
the very large and multinational organizations and Institutions like EY, Grant Thornton, Quatrro,
VMWare, Shiv Nadar University, O P Jindal Global University, IMT CDL, Chitkara University with
excellent feedback. Our trainers have collectively more than 15000 hours of training experience and
with the average of 10+ years of Industry Experience in Data Science domain. All our trainer has received excellent feedback from our clients. We ensure and are committed to provide right kind of
trainer according to the objective of the training need given by our clients.

What You will Learn

Course Coverage

  • Supervised Machine Learning
    o Linear Regression
    o Logistic Regression
    o Decision Trees
    o SVM
    o Naïve Bayes
    o Ensemble Techniques
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning
    o Clustering
    o PCA
  • Natural Language Processing
    o Text Processing
    o Hidden Markov Models
    o Feature Extraction and Word Embeddings
    o Topic Modelling
    o Recurrent Neural Networks/ LSTM/GRU
  • Computer Vision
    o Feature Extraction and Image Segmentation
    o Image Processing
    o Image Classification
    o Image Captioning
    o Convolutional Neural Network

Course Benefits

  • Learn how to teach machines using data
  • Able to do representation of artificial neural networks
  • Understanding machine learning models like supervised and unsupervised learning in depth
  • Categorizing data using Python and logistic regression
  • Understanding k-means clustering, decision trees, and Naive Bayes
  • Mastering random forest and designing various applications
  • Performing linear regression on multiple variables using Python
  • Natural Language Processing and text mining using Python
  • Mastering the fundamentals of Deep Learning

Course Deliverables

VILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training of 50 Hours)
Lifetime access to the recorded sessions
Presentation materials and Data Sets
20+ hands on exercise
1 Project with dedicated mentoring support
Case Study, quizzes & assignments
Post training support

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