HR Analytics Certification Program

Deepesh Mishra
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About Program

Across businesses of all sizes, HR professionals are adopting a progressively more strategic role within their
organization, making data-driven decisions about their workforce through people analytics. The use of
workforce analytics is transforming human resource strategy. A recent Economist Intelligence Unit survey
found that 82% of organizations plan to either begin or increase their use of “big data” in HR over the next
three years. CEOs are recognizing the importance of talent-related analytics in managing recruitment,
retention, turnover and more. In this competitive era of technology driven infrastructure it is imperative to
develop the skill which can create the capability of HR professional to explore how analytics are being used
to better inform people strategy and how organizations can make better decisions informed by data.

To be a successful HR professional in a truly digital world, one needs to understand what people analytics
are and how they are helping solve crucial business problems.

Why learn HR Analytics ?

The demand for HR professionals with HR Analytics skills far exceeds the current supply. With the new
change is business paradigm where the organizations are adopting technology and a way to leverage
data, learning HR Analytics is becoming essential skillset for the future to position yourself favorably for
your next career move. As a HR Analytics Specialist, you will have a full set of skills that help you take gut
feeling out of HR decision-making and add essential strategic value to your organizations.

What You will Learn

1 Insights from the historical data
2 Analytical Interpretation of the Data
3 Applied Statistics
4 Dashboard and Reporting
5 HR Metrics

Course Coverage

  • Sneak peak in HR Analytics
  • Getting started with analytics
  • Attrition Using Descriptive Statistics &
  • Discovering Descriptive Statistics
  • Introducing Python and NumPy
  • Data Cleaning using Pandas
  • Projecting the Future Job Performance Using
    Associative Statistics
  • Predicting the Appraisal on Performance Using
    Inferential Statistics
  • Predicting the HR Cost Using Time Series
  • Predicting Employee Salary Using Linear
  • Predicting the Probability of Attrition Using
    Logistic Regression

Course Deliverables

Comprehensive learning of 70 Hours
Access to recorded sessions (Lifetime Access_
5 case studies on various HR Metrics
Certificate of Completion
Hands On Learning
Post training support

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