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Business intelligence helps extract vital facts from a vast amount of unstructured data and convert them into actionable and meaningful information that empowers the business to make informed strategic business decisions, improving operational competence and business output. This actionable information delivers critical insights that expose the underlying patterns of customer behaviour, their likes and dislikes, online shopping experience etc.

As per the IDC report by 2021 the world will generate 75 times the amount of data as in 2011 and more than 100 times by 2022. Being able to use this data provides huge opportunity and to turn these opportunities into reality, people need to learn as how to use the data to solve problems.

Data Visualization & Story Telling with Tableau program is designed keeping in mind the newcomers to data visualization with no prior experience using Tableau or any other Business Intelligence Tool. By leveraging the Tableau’s library of resources one can learn to demonstrate best practices for data visualization and data storytelling. The course is enriched with case studies and examples from real world business cases to re-in force the learning and help participant experience and learn from the perspective to implement in their work.

Program includes learning on 2 projects

Why Tableau?

Tableau has regularly been ranked as a “leader” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. Proficiency in Tableau is extremely valued in the field of analytics as it is a preferred reporting tool for enterprises around the world.

Course Agenda

Introduction to Tableau

  • Introduction to BI
  • Introduction to Tableau
  • Features of Tableau
  • Applications of Tableau

Field Types and Visual Cues

  • Application Terminology and Definitions
  • View Terminology and Definitions
  • Data Terminology and Definitions
  • Visual Cues for Fields

Data Connections

  • Overview of connection options
  • Joining multiple tables
  • Copy and Paste
  • Refreshing Data
  • Joining vs. Blending
  • Creating Data Extracts
  • Preparing your Data for Analysis
  • Connectors
  • Cross Database Join

Organizing and Simplifying Data

  • Filtering Data
  • Sorting Data
  • Creating Combined Fields
  • Creating Groups and Defining Aliases
  • Adding Grand Totals and Subtotals
  • Working with Sets and Combined Sets
  • Drilling to Other Levels in a Hierarchy
  • Changing Aggregation Functions
  • Creating Bins
  • Cross Data Source Filter

Formatting and Annotations

  • Using Titles, Captions, and Tooltips
  • Formatting the Axes
  • Formatting Views with Labels and Annotations

Tableau Generated Field

  • Using Measure Values and Measure Names
  • Using Multiple Measures in a View
  • Using the Number of Records Measure
  • Using Latitude and Longitude Fields

Chart Types

  • Create Combined Axis and Combination Charts
  • Understanding Geocoding and Geographic Mapping in Tableau
  • Using Scatter Plots
  • Describe Text and Highlight Tables
  • Pie charts


  • Build Interactive Dashboards
  • Comprehend Best Practices for Creating Effective Dashboards
  • Share Your Work

 Special Field Types

  • Working with Date Hierarchies
  • Pivoting Date Parts on Shelves
  • Differentiating between Discrete and Continuous Dates
  • Creating and Using Custom Dates
  • Defining a Date Field on a Fiscal Year
  • Working with Relative Date Filters
  • Working with Date Hierarchies on Cubes


  • Use Strings, Date, Logical, and Arithmetic Calculations
  • Work with Aggregation Options
  • Calculate Grand Totals and Sub-Totals
  • Create Quick Table Calculations
  • Describe Automatic and Custom Split


  • Create a parameter
  • Explore Parameter Controls
  • Work with Parameters


  • Modify Locations within Tableau
  • Explore Geographic Search
  • Perform Pan/Zoom, Lasso, and Radial Selection
  • Additional Map Data

Dashboards Explore Dashboard Actions

  • Use Running Actions


  • Add Reference Lines, Bands, and Distribution
  • Understand Trend Lines and Trend Models
  • Define Statistical Summary Card
  • Perform Drag and Drop Analytics
  • Explore Instant Analysis
  • Describe Forecasting

What You will Learn

1 Able to Generate Powerful reports & Dashboards
2 Abe to generate high-impact visualizations
3 Learn to apply predictive analysis to improve business decision making
4 Able to create beautiful & meaningful presentation to impact stakeholders

Course Deliverables

32 hours of session delivery
Time access to the recorded sessions
Presentation material and Industry Data Sets
Case Study
Post Training Support
Certificate of Completion

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